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It seems to be about that time that I get tired of my older website. Over the last few months much has been learned with web-design, and I am therefore using some of these new skills to fix up my own personal website. Now in it's fourth rendition, DukeFluffy Productions is all the more-able to provide entertainment, information into my designs, and business options suited to fit your needs. It's come along way since 2008, and you will no doubt observe this if familiar with the older versions. In addition to a nifty new look I've gone ahead and added much more content. If you are new here, planetofthebrandons is my personal webpage. Contained within are 3d models I have drawn, games that I've programmed, and insights into different services I offer. You're bound to be amused (or at least occupied) by something on this site- so take a look around and enjoy!

About The Site

Planetofthebrandons began back in 2003, in my younger years. I'd learned enough by the age of 13 to piece together a nifty looking site. Naturally this was not my first- even before then I'd been bashing an ugly site together with questionable content. This 2003 look used Macromedia Flash for navigation and a news panel, and dare-I-say, was almost easy on the eyes. Fast forward a few years and I'd begun to rely on CSS rather then Flash for looks. My newest page at that point was even better- that's why I have only just replaced it with this one. Throughout all of the different looks and formats, the main thing that has remained the same is the spirit. Each and every rendition of planetofthebrandons is meant to provide entertainment and insights regarding what I am learning.

No longer a personal page, I am now merging planetofthebrandons with my Web Design business. Dubbed DukeFluffy productions, it has grown from a side project into an actual job. More information regarding work can be found within the business section. There you can find contact information, past sites I have worked on, and testimonials regarding the quality of my work. My philosophy is to always provide cheap, efficient, fast web production for those that need it. Other then web-design, I've also got a few other ideas that are currently in-the-works, such as merchandise and products that I wish to sell. Keep an eye on this- other cool things will be coming soon too.

Blender Gallery This page contains renders of random 3d models I have created in Blender. After coming to grips with Rhinoceros, I'd realized that I needed a new program capable of doing organic, non-CAD modeling. I've sort of been working away at it over the past couple of years. I still have much to learn- sculpting and texturing is next.

Web Design The primary service of DukeFluffy Productions is that of web-design. Starting as a side-project, my business has grown into a full-time job. There are many businesses out there that could use a cheap, efficient website, and I can easily provide one. Updating existing websites and shops are also doable.

Rhinoceros Gallery Renders and screenshots of random stuff I have created in Rhinoceros. Rhinoceros is a Computer Assisted Drawing program, one that is very similar to Autacad. I eventually stopped working with it for the lack of drawing/organic modeling support. It's a great program for mechanical or technical work, though.

Merchandise Coming soon.

Game Maker Files Included within this page are a number of games I made during my High School, and later, career. There's a good assortment of arcade, strategy, and simple game engines. All of these games have editable .gmk files included so that those interested can take a look at how they were made.

Miniatures Coming soon.

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